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Jim Abercrombie

Jim Abercrombie

Alberto Lacaze.jpg

Alberto Lacaze

Co-Founder & President,

Robotic Research


Theresa Mayer_edited.jpg

Dr. Theresa Mayer

Executive Vice President for

Research and Partnerships,

Purdue University


Dr. Paul "PJ" Maykish

Director for Technology Competition,

National Security Council


Susan Motil

Deputy Director,

NASA Glenn Research Center


Jason Stack.jpg

Dr. Jason Stack

Technical Director,

Office of Naval Research

Mark Tschoop.jpg

Dr. Mark Tschopp

Regional Lead,

Army Research Laboratory

Ryan Whelan.jpg

Ryan Whelan

Industry Innovation Fellow for Cyber, Defense Innovation Unity


Bryan Zaczek

Senior Principal Systems Engineer,

Raytheon Technologies



Dr. Jeff Zaleski

Vice Provost for Research, 

Indiana University

Programming of the Midwest Defense Innovation Summit is underway. Check out the list of confirmed speakers below!

Alex Calfee

Ian Crone



United States Senator Todd Young (IN)

Jim Abercrombie.jpg

Jim Abercrombie

CFA & President,

Trek 10


Executive President,

Oplign, LLC

Ian Crone.jpg

Acting Principal Director for Cyber,

Department of Defense

Ian Crone

Alex Calfee


 Check out the list of invited speakers below!

Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), United States House of Representatives

Representative Mike Turner (R-OH), United States House of Representatives

Senator Todd Young (R-IN), United States Senate

Governor Eric Holcomb, Governor of Indiana

Governor J.B. Pritzger, Governor of Illinois

Governor Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan

The Honorable Lloyd Austin III, Secretary of Defense

Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff

Doug Boles, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Rear Admiral Casey Moton, PEO, USC, U.S. Navy

Rear Admiral Lorin Selby, Office of Naval Research

Brigadier General Arthur Pasagian, Marine Corps Systems Command

Major General Heather Pringle, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Materiel Command

Lt. General Eric Smith, Combat Development & Integration

Michael Cadieux, U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center

Dr. Doug Horner, Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Tom Drake, Ocean Battlespace and Expeditionary Access

Jamie Guzman, Technical Warfare Center, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Robert Slaughter, Department fo Defense Platform One

General Rhett Hernandez, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Jack Curran, Steelgate Technologies

Andy Patel, Jasper Technologies

Marla Perez-Davis, NASA Glen Research Center

Dr. Mark Lewis, NDIA Emerging Technologies Institute

Dr. Rebecca Cunningham, University of Michigan

Dr. Jinliu Wang, The Ohio State University

Dr. Eugene Spafford, Purdue University

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